Position sizing determines 90% of your performance

Unlock the full potential of your day & swing trading strategies with our bespoke position sizing tools.

Smart Trade Size is the revolutionary quantitative system for active traders in financial markets (Index, FX, Shares, Crypto, etc).


All trading is associated with risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future return or performance.  www.smarttradesize.com does not take any responsibility for your trading decisions. Our tool is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. The tool does not advice on a size you should trade but rather aims to stop traders from taking too much risk, which will result in falling and often negative long term average returns.




Value of Smart Size

The importance of risk management and sizing trades correctly are as important as the trade itself. Changing nothing else but the size of trades can determine if a trader's long-term result is a small profit, a large profit or a substantial loss.

Traders now chose size based on unsubstantiated "rules" such as only risking 1% or 2% per trade. 

Profitable traders with smarter sizing strategies can see their annual returns grow by 2x to >20x.

Beginner traders who have good trade ideas but trade too large are almost gauranteed to lose. Smart Sizing wants to save them from over-sizing.

How it works

Technology - Mathematics, Big Data & AI

Smart Trade Size strategies are based on mathematical theories that are adapted to trading with big data analysis and AI optimization. 

Only a few of the largest hedge funds have access to similar advanced sizing technology.

Our unique approach allows us to analyze your trading patterns along with market activity to calculate sizing strategies tailored to your trades.

Practical examples*

Dax 30 break out strategy, avg. 1 trade per week. 

Sizing strategy is based on prior 12 months' trades. 

+38%     Standard sizing strategy risking 2% per trade. 

+263%   Smart Trade Size strategy results in a 7x increase. 

Sizes will vary from trade to trade and trader to trader.

Traders risk appetite and trading ability are accounted for.  

Finding your optimal size is done in seconds with our tool.

Nasdaq trend following strategy, avg 1 trade per day. 

Sizing strategy is based on prior 12 months' trades. 

Adjusted for limited risk appetite. 2 strategies show effect of smart sizing with same average size of 2% risked per trade and of an increase to 3%.

+28%    Standard sizing strategy; risking 2% per trade. 

+51%     Smart Size with 2% avg = 80% improvement.

+78%    Smart Size with 3% avg = 175% improvement.

* Disclaimer - All strategies are tailored. Do not use this example as guide for your own trading. Prior results are no guarantee of future performance. 

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